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“Paula Hawley has been my personal massage therapist for the past three years.
She is very skilled in her art and has provided me with tremendous relief for my
chronic back pain. Above all she is a person of great character and integrity.  
I have referred many friends and colleagues and I heartily recommend Paula for
her professionalism and her caring demeanor.  Thank you, Paula, for all you have
done for me.”  ~ John

"This has been the most gentle treatment I’ve ever received, and definitely the most effective!"  ~ Madeline

"Thank you for the awesome session today!  I feel sooooooooo much better.
I am so grateful for you and your amazing healing talents, loving heart and
beautiful, bright light!  And that you let it shine so brightly....inspiring!" ~ Bev

"Wanted to let you know that (since the craniosacral therapy) I've had 3 days of dancing and one of those was Lindy Hop which seemed to aggravate my hip the most.  Guess what?   NO HIP PAIN!  Yay!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!"  ~ Dee

"I just wanted to try to put into words my wonderfully awesome
experience I had during my craniosacral therapy session.
It was like a very warm, weightless feeling through space while seeing
a white light at times. I could see stars and everything. Then my mind
would switch to images of ballerinas dancing about. The sensation that
went all through my body was a very safe energy. My mind wandered with
vivid thoughts and images of the safest I have ever felt in my life."  ~ Ali 

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